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Murder Mystery Evening 'Screamsville'

06 October 2017



Screamsville is a scare attraction that aims to entertain their guests and give them a fright at the same time. It is the brain child of Jonathan Kepler who has work in scary entertainment for many years. By his side is his new protege, Dia who is doing his best to learn as much as possible about the business. He cannot wait to scare people. Should he be so excited about this? Is his behaviour 'normal'? 


Charity is such a happy go lucky person, but is she as kind as she would have you believe? With Rosemary and Norman also working for Jonathan, this appears to be a such a great company and surely the deaths of former colleagues have nothing to do with any of the staff, do they? 

Using your detective skills can you solve the case?!

Includes a 3 course Menu

£29.50 pp

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