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Murder Mystery Evening -The Panto Touring Company

29 December 2017


The Panto Touring Company is getting ready for its first Christmas tour around the schools and old people’s homes of the UK. They have invited you, to join them to wish the tour well. The actors are doing their first shows next Monday and are very keen to show you a bite size version of it! After that, the actors and the rest of the Touring Company will sit back and enjoy the rest of the evening with you.

Derek Fox, Creative Director, is so keen to get on the theatrical trail with this panto tour after his old theatre company, went bust last year. If it weren’t for his good friend Vicky, who knows where he would be now?

Is this Company like any other type of work: full of deceit and affairs? Of course not, this is Christmas and there is nothing deceitful about a good old fashioned panto. Is there?

Can you solve the mystery?

Includes a 3 course dinner from our set menu with choices   

£29.50 per person

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